About Us

Ọmọlola, meaning, " child is wealth" in Yoruba, a language originating from West Africa, is a Black owned brand, based in the UK, known for its gorgeous afrocentric jewellery.



We create pieces that are inspired by the glamour of the West African sun and beauties, from Lagos to Lome, Accra to Abidjan,  Banjul to Bamako, Porto Novo to Praia, sharing the magic of home with you and your jewellery collection.

Ọmọlola, founded in 2018 by 2 sisters,  was born of the desire to pay homage to West African artistry and cultures, creating connections with home and sharing our heritage with the diaspora. 

Above all, Ọmọlola Jewellery is a Black owned brand that celebrates Blackness.

Ọmọlola is the essence of the quintessential Black beauty wherever they are in the world. 

Our pieces are timeless staples in your jewellery collection, guaranteed to always make you feel special and stand out.